Car Loan Repayment Calculator

Before you apply for a car loan you might want to use a car loan repayment calculator, so you can see how much your monthly repayments will be.

There are lots of calculators you can use online

Click Here to open an online loan calculator in a new window, and then come back to this page here, for more instructions on how to best use it.

This auto loan calculator is shown in $, but don’t worry – the math will still be the same. You can easily pretend the $ is ‘Php’.

Below is a description of how to use the calculator, and here is a screenshot of what you will see:

car loan repayment calculator

(don’t worry about the $ signs, just imagine the say ‘Php’ and everything else stays the same).

We have entered some details in here for you, so you can also see how to use it.

Car Loan Amount

Based on a car loan total amount of Php850,000… we have assumed that your down payment for the car loan will be Php200,000. Therefore, your total car loan amount is only Php650,000.

Enter Php650,000 (or any number that is closer to what you know your remaining car loan amount will be after your down payment).

Loan Period

Your loan life time might be different to what we have entered. We have entered 6 years. You can easily change this number to 4, 2 or whatever number you want – and you can easily see how your monthly car loan amount goes up or down with each adjustment you test.

The longer your loan… the less your monthly repayments will be.

Car Loan Interest Rate

We have entered a annual interest rate of 12.75%. You will need to adjust this percentage based on the auto loan quote you have been given. Maybe it is more, maybe it is less.

If you are unsure what the interest rate is that you have been quoted, or if you do not yet have a quote, you can also enter 12.75% as a guide.

Loan Type

This section is somewhat unrelated to a car loan, to make the calculator easier to use and understand we have ticked ‘variable’.

So just tick variable also in the other window you have open with the calculator and then move onto the next step.

Repayment Frequency

Car loans in the Philippines typically have monthly repayments. So you should also tick the ‘monthly’ option here under the car loan repayment frequency.

This will ensure that the final car loan repayment amount you see at the bottom of the calculator is in fact a monthly figure.

Repayment Type

In the Philippines, a car loan set up always has “interest and principal” repayments. If it was not, you would never repay your car loan.

So make sure you tick the ‘interest and principle’ option here in the calculator so you can have a more accurate monthly repayment amount.


Good work! If you have followed the instructions above, you should now have a working car loan calculator.

You can adjust the amounts for a more accurate monthly result.

The fields of the calculator that you can adjust are:

  • Loan Amount
  • Loan Period
  • Interest Rate

These will be the three areas of the car loan repayment calculator that you can adjust and play around with.

This will give you a very good understanding of what loan period you will need, so that you can afford the monthly repayments. As well of course, the loan amount – the price of the new car you wish to buy. This the biggest factor for you.

When you have finished playing with the calculator, if you believe the numbers you see are affordable you can apply for a car loan here on this website to see if you will be approved.

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